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Come Teach in the UK! by Katie Kehoe

There are many advantages to working in the UK – the effortless transport system, the accessibility of adventuring around Europe, the endless options for shopping and socialising but most importantly the advantage of completing the dreaded NQT year!

Completing the NQT year (or Induction year as it is also known) in the UK is straightforward and it is completed within school hours which is a bonus during your first year ‘out’ when every minute is seen as precious planning and prepping time!

In my experience, the Induction year was carried out in sessions at the end of the school day every 3-4 weeks throughout the academic year. The sessions focused on a range of area’s such as effective marking, child protection policies, purposeful behaviour management strategies and developing time management skills.  The sessions typically lasted for one hour and were based upon group discussions filtered through interesting insights from veteran teachers and subject specific teachers.

It took me one full academic year to complete my NQT year between carrying out my 300 hours related to my subject of RE and English and completing my Induction courses after school. It was hard to believe that in May 2015 I finished studying to be a secondary school teacher and by July 2016 I had received my QTS from The Teaching Council of Ireland! Making the decision to come and teach in the UK kick-started my career and provided me with a range of opportunities denied to many who remain teaching at home or elsewhere in the world.

To the student teachers who dream of holding their QTS within a year of graduating college, I fully encourage you to make the exciting move to the UK and complete your Induction year here. Through doing so you hold QTS and a full year’s experience in your subject; which opens up the channels of teaching abroad and allows you to mix travel with career – a win-win situation!