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Caribbean Adventure! by Gary Bell

I am a Primary School Teacher currently teaching in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I trained in Early Years with a Specialty in P.E. After initially doing a degree in Sport and Fitness back in 2010 I decided to get into teaching and completed a PGCE at Brighton University in 2014. After finishing my NQT year in the UK I decided I wanted some adventure. The reason behind wanting to work abroad was for me personally to see more of the world, to teach children of different nationalities, and have a good work/life balance which I found I wasn’t getting with commuting and other aspects of teaching in the UK.  I looked at various agencies and sent my CV’s to a few and Direct were one of the first to get back to me. I found their level of service very high and communication was regular and gave me the sense of ‘this is a good agency to go through’.

The process with Direct was very quick and easy, after sending them my CV they called and had a quick chat about locations I would be interested in working in and to gain an idea of what I would like. They called a month or so later and asked what I thought of a place that had a job come up. I looked at the location/website and said yes immediately. The process from that point took exactly 1 week. I was recommended, interviewed, offered and sent a contract, skyped with the class and sent flight details. Direct were in contact through-out and were there to answer any questions and liaise with the School I interviewed with. After accepting the job offer Direct had done their part and communication handed over to the school and Direct made it clear they were available if I needed anything.

On arriving in the Country the School arranged for me to be picked up (by the principal herself) put in accommodation and given everything I needed to settle in for the first few days. The start to the job was midterm so I had a few days to sort myself out before starting at the School. Everyone I met on arriving on the Island was very friendly, colleagues were more than helpful, lent me transport to go to the shops, took me places I needed to go and the whole experience to date has been amazing.